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We chose NuView to help our daughter because they take a long-term approach to dealing with addiction and mental health. Most facilities are 30 days which in my opinion is not nearly enough time. While things have not always been easy for my family, our relationship is finally beginning to improve!

Susan Lazarus

I attended several family therapy sessions when my brother was going to NuView Treatment Center. I found the experience eye-opening. To be honest, I spent years blaming my brother for his addiction. But I actually found my experience at NuView helped me. The therapists at NuView Treatment Center help people repair their relationships, and they really take into account every aspect of an addicted person’s life. I realized that certain patterns of my own behavior were harming myself as well as my brother. I’m so grateful for the staff at NuView Treatment Center, who not only provided my brother with the sober life he needed but also ended up helping myself and other family members along the way.

Robbin Hamilton

NuView Treatment Center is by a long shot the most caring and dedicated outpatient program for drug and alcohol addiction in Southern California. And trust me, I know -- my friend has been going to treatment programs since they were in highschool. NuView Treatment Center is the first one where the program actually stuck. A few years out and they are still drug and alcohol free, and best of all… happy. That wasn’t the case with previous attempts at sobriety. The therapists and staff at NuView Treatment Center work individually with every patient to help them live their best lives. They go the extra mile.

Elizabeth Acosta

I can't say too many good things about NuView. Love this place! NuView is a great facility and the staff is amazing. I came in when I was really struggling. I'd treat other treatment programs before, but NuView was where it really "stuck." I've suffered from addiction problems for years, and I've suffered from general mental health stuff for much longer. Every time I came in to a treatment center for one or the other, they would say "we only treat addiction" or "we only treat mental health." So I'd end up kindasorta dealing with one of the problems and totally ignoring the other. That sort of thing can be helpful for a short period, but I'd always end up back in old habits eventually. When I went to NuView, I knew I was someplace special. The staff are really dedicated and definitely treated me as a person, not just a patient. They tried to get to the bottom of all my problems. Instead of just applying typical addiction treatment therapies right off the bat, they took the time to get to know me and figure out everything that was going on in my life, including my depression and panic attacks. I really felt that I was getting everything I needed here. I got everything I was always hoping for in a treatment center. More treatment centers should be like NuView. They hold themselves to a high standard, but everyone there was really approachable and available to answer any questions I had. I won't say that recovering from addiction is easy, because it's not, but I think for me as well as for a lot of people, the problem is figuring out what the solution even is. For anyone who wants to recover and is ready to put in the work, NuView is where it's at. They really lay out a roadmap, and they did it for me in a really personal way that I needed. It is definitely one of the best outpatient rehab programs in Los Angeles and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with mental health or addiction.

Toro F.

I love NuView Outpatient Rehab and especially Madison. She treated my daughter with so much care, love, and respect. My daughter was not in a good place and really seemed like she had given up on herself. NuView was a last resort. We weren't really sure what our daughter even needed. She was drinking too much and she had depression. But my husband and I weren't sure if she was drinking because of her depression or if she was depressed because she drank too much.

Our daughter did try a few times to quit drinking (on her own, before she was living with us), but she seemed even more unwell when she was sober. Eventually, she seemed like she wasn't trying to get better. It seemed hopeless. But when the panic attacks started and the self-harming got worse, we knew something had to be done. NuView Outpatient Rehab just... worked. It comes down to the people. All the staff at NuView were deeply compassionate and dedicated to helping others. Our daughter was pretty used to feeling misunderstood or judged, and she came in thinking that her problem was unfixable. Instead, she immediately felt at home. The other people enrolled in NuView Outpatient Rehab were all really interested people who were dealing with their own struggles, and our daughter not only felt understood by them, but she made some friends. However, it all really came down to the staff.

I could tell my daughter actually got hope back and was becoming excited for her future. Her therapist was gentle and understanding with her, patiently letting her open up on her own terms. This time the drinking stopped. And this time it stopped and our daughter wasn't miserable. Sure, there were rough days. But those rough days were so much more manageable knowing that she had people she could talk to. She was safe to mess up. Because she was moving toward a healthier and happier future. I of course appreciate all the staff as well. Even the ones I didn't talk with much were warm and seemed deeply invested in our daughter's recovery. I would recommend to all in need of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Thank you, love you guys

Airam A.

I received excellent care here. They were compassionate, ethical, practical. NuView really sets themselves apart from other outpatient treatment centers in Los Angeles!

Jason Horace

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while. It’s been about 1 year since my child went to NuView Treatment Center. I want to begin by thanking the staff here. They are seriously the most caring, genuine, and devoted people I’ve ever met in a professional setting. What they offer at NuView Treatment Center goes way beyond therapy. They truly care about everyone who walks through their doors. My son arrived when he had hit bottom with his heroin addiction, and we had also lost hope for him. NuView Treatment Center not only helped him get sober, they treated him like a human being.

Doris Martin

I can't say enough good things about NuView Treatment Center! Over the last year, my daughter has been really struggling and having some challenging times. Addiction and mental health problems often go hand in hand, and we knew that we needed some serious help for her. She has gone to so many different treatment centers over the years, so many therapists, and of course read countless self-help books. Some of them have helped for a bit, but never for long. As soon as we came to NuView Treatment Center, we knew this was different. As a parent, it was crucial to me that my daughter got the best care possible. The staff and therapists at NuView not only provide quality care, they are absolutely devoted to helping people understand themselves better while they overcome their addictions.

NuView Treatment Center feels like an extension of my family -- and I mean that in the best way possible. The staff are warm and friendly, the kind of people you feel safe around. With love and clinical expertise, they guided my daughter so that she was no longer a danger to herself. Today she continues to work to develop her life. She's sober and still experiencing the benefits of NuView Treatment Center's IOP program. This is because NuView doesn't just stop at getting people sober. No one gets the boot after making a superficial recovery. They continue to work with my daughter to help her get the life she wants. Next semester, she's going back to school. I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it is to know that she'll continue to have access to the therapists and resources at NuView Treatment Center while she begins this important next (and probably challenging!) step of her life. A few months ago, this would've been unthinkable.

Erna T.

My son's experience with NuView Outpatient Treatment Center was outstanding. All of the therapists and staff were so supportive and caring. They helped him with his anxiety, depression, and gave him the self-confidence that he so desperately needed to find within himself. Before NuView, I'd seen my son struggle for years. Sometimes he'd be better, sometimes worse. I did my best to support him, but often he'd close up to me within days of reaching out for help. I didn't blame him. He was obviously suffering enormously. But I was struggling and suffering in my own way, watching him wrestle with his demons and feeling powerless to help.

After a while, things got really mad and he ended up moving back home with his family. He spent all of his time in his room, shutting us out, and we weren't sure if he was on drugs or not. My son was really reluctant to go to ANY treatment program, because he felt like he'd be yelled at or judged or they'd try to change him. I think NuView really had a profound effect on him from the get go, just because they were so compassionate. After only a week, there was something more relaxed and at ease about him. He hadn't even started therapy or anything yet at this point, but he obviously felt understood. He started opening up to me more as well.

NuView made an effort to welcome my son and not make him feel judged, even though prior to treatment he felt deeply isolated by his mental health problems. They helped him learn tools for managing symptoms of his anxiety and depression when they cropped up. But they also worked with him on a deeper level to understand why he was having problems to begin with. I think that combination of practical tools and deep reflection is really powerful, but I think the most fundamental thing is that NuView offered a safe and supportive space where my son felt he could totally open up. My son is now able to live life and thrive in ways that make me proud, and all of that is thanks to NuView Outpatient Treatment Center.

Deolan D.

I am truly grateful for NuView and all of their staff!!! As soon as I got there I felt comfortable and cared for. I was expecting a clinical environment like a hospital or something. But NuView felt like a family. The entire staff and the therapists I worked with were all extremely professional and serious about their work, but what I remember most is laughing a lot. I was laughing for the first time. I was also laughing about myself. That's pretty crazy to think about, especially since I was in such a dark place when I started going to NuView.

Still, my first few days at NuView Outpatient Treatment weren't exactly easy. I pretty much had no friends at the time, or at least I felt that way. Just to give you an idea of how bad my situation was, picture this: the little room I lived in at the time had a window, but instead of installing curtains above it, I had the genius idea of leaning an old boxspring mattress against the window. That blocked out all light (which I liked), and the holes in the mattress were nice little homes for my only companions at the time: the rats who would sometimes scurry out to join me. Okay, that's enough down memory lane... The staff I worked with at NuView were the first people I ever really openly talked to about how bad my life was. With most other people, I either felt like I had to hide it or present a more successful front. At NuView, though, I didn't feel like I was being judged or anything.

They seemed genuinely interested in me -- not in an official clinical way, but in me as a human being. It was hard talking about that. I think before I'd been in denial about where I was at, how much I was drinking and using drugs, and how out of control my life was. Opening up about it didn't feel good, but it was a relief. The first week is always the hardest but the support I received was amazing and I was able to finally become vulnerable and work on a lot of core issues. If you are serious about getting help this is THE place to go to!

Robert G.

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Your opinion matters to us. If you or a loved one has gone through NuView Treatment Center, leave us a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

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