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The 8 Best Podcasts about Addiction Recovery

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People who are recovering from substance use disorders are more likely to stay sober in the long run if they continue to practice the skills they learned in the rehab in Los Angeles California. Many people recovering from addictions benefit from immersing themselves in the stories of other people who shared the same struggles. While attending support groups and 12-step programs is the best way of enjoying the experiences, strength, and hope of other individuals in recovery, a variety of other resources are out there such as podcasts about addiction recovery! 

Podcasts are an amazing resource, allowing people to hear the stories of others in recovery from the comfort of their own home. Not only do podcasts offer a form of peer support, which is crucial to long-term sobriety, but many of them even contain tips for living a sober life!

Top 8 Podcasts About Addiction Recovery

The Addicted Mind Podcast

On the top of our list of podcasts about addiction recovery, this podcast explores the nature of addiction, its consequences in people’s lives, and the latest evidence-based treatment methods. The host, Duane Osterlind, suffered from addiction since the age of 17. Following a stint in a treatment center, Osterlind began receiving help. During this time, he developed a powerful sober social support system, learned new coping tools, and began to understand his addiction. His podcast aims to provide a compassionate environment for individuals to talk about their experiences with addiction and how they recovered.

The Bubble Hour

This podcast regularly invites listeners to narrate their own stories of recovery from drug and alcohol use disorder. The host, Jean McCarthy, has been sober since 2011 and runs her podcast as a way to help other people gain hope. She helps her guests open up about their own struggles, which include struggles with substances as well as everyday life struggles in recovery. For dedicated listeners, The Bubble Hour also has hundreds of episodes archived — an essential resource for anyone interested in hearing more stories about recovery.

The Sober Guy Podcast

Amongst the best podcasts about addiction recovery, The Sober Guy Podcast, hosted by Shane Ramer, is an interview-based podcast. The interviews range from discussions with celebrity guests to everyday people. Ultimately, all of the conversations on this podcast relate to living healthy, positive, sober lives. It is designed to be a source of hope and inspiration to anyone who is struggling with drugs and alcohol, and for those who are sober and want to connect with others living the same lifestyle.

The host, Shane Ramer, fought drug and alcohol addiction for 17 years before getting sober at a treatment center in 2013. He started The Sober Guy Podcast shortly thereafter, as a way of keeping in touch with sober principles. Today it is one of the most popular recovery podcasts, with millions of downloads per episode throughout the world.

ODAAT Chat Podcast

Arlina, the host of the ODAAT Chat podcast, has been sober for a long time — since 1994! Her podcast is aimed at helping people obtain the insights, teachings, and tools that she uses in her own life to stay sober. The tone of this podcast is loving and kind, since addiction tends to be characterized by loneliness, isolation, and extreme pain. On the ODAAT Chat Podcast, Arlina invites guests to talk about their experiences in addiction, how they recovered, and what their lives in recovery look like. Many of the stories are funny, but they are equally touching. If you want to feel less alone in your struggles, this podcast is worth a listen.

Busy Living Sober

The host of Busy Living Sober, Elizabeth (or Bizzy) Chance, has over 10 years of sobriety under her belt. She is a trained recovery coach who started a podcast in order to help people learn to have fun with their sober lives. The podcast is designed not just for people in recovery, however, but for their friends, co-workers, and families! After all, addiction impacts the lives of many people — not just the one with the substance use disorder.

A Sober Girls Guide

Host Jessica Jeboult, who has been sober almost 10 years, has guests on to talk about their individual recovery journeys. On the show, they discuss self-development, mental health, wellness, self-care, and spirituality. The goal of the podcast is to inspire listeners, provide guidance, and be a source of motivation to anyone feeling “stuck.” It is highly recommended to anyone who likes witty casual podcasts about a subject — addiction recovery — that is often treated very seriously. 

Breaking Free: Your Recovery. Your Way.

Co-hosts Liv and Tiffany aim to help people reclaim their identities. They recognize that people approach addiction from many angles and backgrounds. As such, they discuss much more than just addiction and getting sober. Through personal stories and interviews with experts, they explore all of the ways that recovery can be complicated. Issues they cover include the impact of comorbid mental health disorders, diet culture, trauma, bilingual recovery, and the importance of boundaries in relationships. This fascinating podcast helps listeners understand that living a free, self-directed life is possible, and that there are many ways to approach sobriety.

Battling Opioids

Finally but not less important in our list of podcasts about addiction recovery, ‘Battling Opioids’ podcast is focused less on personal recovery stories and more on on-the-ground reporting. It is produced by Pennsylvania public media, and it explores the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is known for having one of the highest overdose rates in the United State — a total of 2,866 deaths in 2018 alone. This podcast explores every angle of the crisis, which range from lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for unethical marketing practices to recovery groups for people suffering from addiction. If you want an inside look at what the opioid epidemic really looks like, this podcast is for you!

Addiction Recovery at NuView Treatment Center

Podcasts about addiction recovery are a great way to exercise your sobriety skills while you’re out and about living your busy life. If you’re really struggling, however, there’s no replacement for real face-to-face connections with other people. 

At NuView Treatment Center, our outpatient programs help people suffering from addiction, no matter how severe their drug and alcohol problems are. We offer partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), outpatient programs (OPs), and aftercare services. 

At NuView Treatment Center, not only do clients develop new coping strategies and skills to face the challengers of sobriety, but they develop strong sober social support systems. Think of it as a podcast but in real life!

You don’t have to suffer — or recover — alone. Contact NuView Treatment Center today and talk to us about your situation. We’re here to listen and help.

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