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Ally Zhou, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Introducing Ally Zhou, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist driven by a profound passion for aiding individuals grappling with addiction.

As a seasoned therapist, Ally possesses the acumen to approach issues through a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive lens, tailoring her methods to each client’s unique requirements. She specializes in areas such as trauma, shame, grief and loss, accountability, and self-compassion.

Drawing inspiration from diverse therapeutic theories, including psychodynamic, narrative, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Ally’s approach is both individualistic and holistic. She delves into the entirety of her clients’ being, considering their individual experiences and the intricate systems they are intertwined with.

In her role as NuView’s Primary Therapist, Ally aspires to empower those frequently overlooked by society, empowering them to seize control of their lives. With her own intimate experiences with mental health challenges, Ally extends deep empathy to her clients, fostering a secure and nurturing space for their recovery and growth.

Ally is resolute in her dedication to guiding clients through trauma, helping them confront shame, and fostering self-compassion growth. Her ultimate pursuit is to lead them to a life of fulfillment and recovery.

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