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Our blog features stories, news and advice from addiction to recovery

Our blog covers new perspectives, fresh takes, and informative insights on addiction and drug rehab from our NuView Treatment Center in Los Angeles, including stories and advice on sobriety and recovery.

The blog articles below describe more about our drug rehab center, the outpatient treatment options we offer for addiction recovery, and other informative articles about different substances. We hope you find them useful, and remember that we’re always a phone call away. Reach out to us any time – 24/7. We’re here to answer your questions and to help you rebuild a life you love, free from addiction.

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Am I an Alcoholic
Am I an Alcoholic This quiz aims to help you evaluate your...
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Am I an Alcoholic
Am I an Alcoholic This quiz aims...
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Can You Mix Alcohol and Zoloft®?
When it comes to substance abuse and drug addiction, one of the most common...
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Peer Pressure with Drugs
Peer pressure can be a powerful force in shaping an individual’s behavior,...
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Coping Skills for Addiction: Healthy Coping Skills in Recovery
Addiction is a complex and challenging condition that can impact a person’s...
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Addiction and Trauma: The Link We Can't Ignore
Addiction and trauma often go hand in hand, engulfing a person in a vicious...
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How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System?
Alcohol is a widely used substance that affects the body in many ways. When...
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End-Stage Alcoholism
When it comes to alcohol-related addiction, end-stage alcoholism is often...
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Is Alcoholism Genetic?
Alcoholism is a condition or mental illness where someone feels the need...
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Genetic Factors in Alcoholism: Are You at Risk?
Alcoholism, also known as alcohol addiction or alcohol use disorder (AUD),...
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