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Carolina Najera, RAC

Behavioral Health Technician

Introducing Carolina Najera, a dedicated Behavioral Health Technician at NuView Treatment Center, who took up this fulfilling journey six months ago. With seven years of personal sobriety as a recovering addict, Carolina is passionately committed to aiding those battling with addiction. Her own experiences serve as a powerful source of connection and support for clients on their path to sobriety.

As a Behavioral Health Technician, Carolina is pivotal in providing indispensable support and assistance to clients undergoing addiction treatment. She conducts regular check-ins, skillfully leads group therapy sessions, and offers crucial one-on-one guidance.

Drawing from her recovery journey, Carolina forges profound connections with clients, empowering them with the support and motivation essential for success in their recovery journey. Her compassionate nature and in-depth understanding of addiction and recovery make her an invaluable asset to the NuView team.

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