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Dakota Kreger, RAC

Behavioral Health Technician

Meet Dakota Kreger, a certified RADT Technician, driven by a fervent passion for extending hope and healing to those battling addiction. With over three years of experience in the recovery field, Dakota possesses a profound understanding of the journey clients endure, having undergone treatment himself multiple times. He excels in providing unwavering support, guiding clients through their struggles, and helping them envision the broader picture of their treatment.

At NuView Treatment Center, Dakota’s primary focus is to offer clients the support they need on their path to sobriety. He diligently monitors their progress, conducts group sessions, and provides invaluable one-on-one guidance.

Dakota’s personal encounter with addiction and recovery enables him to forge deeper connections with clients, providing the encouragement and motivation vital for success in their pursuit of a better life. He is steadfast in ensuring clients adhere to treatment center guidelines, ensuring they receive the care and support necessary to surmount addiction and attain lasting recovery.

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