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Dr. Jasung Kim, MD


Meet Dr. Jasung Kim, a board-certified psychiatrist with a wealth of experience in treating various psychiatric conditions across all age groups, from children to adults and geriatric patients. His medical education at Seoul National University laid a strong foundation, and he honed his skills during his residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell campus, Westchester division. Additionally, Dr. Kim pursued a fellowship in the prestigious Brain Imaging program at Yale University and received valuable psychoanalytic training at Columbia Psychoanalytic Institute under the guidance of Dr. Otto Kernberg.

Dr. Kim’s approach to patient care is rooted in providing holistic and integrative treatment options. By incorporating bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions, he ensures that each individual’s unique needs are addressed to achieve optimal health and recovery. His journey as a seeker has driven him to explore various psychological and spiritual systems, enabling him to offer an inclusive and extensive holistic/integral paradigm in his practice.

With his vast expertise and holistic approach, Dr. Kim is equipped to support individuals combating addiction and seeking a path to sobriety. He aims to alleviate symptoms and suffering through bio-psycho-social-spiritual approaches, providing patients with a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan that caters to their recovery journey. Dr. Kim’s dedication to providing compassionate and inclusive care makes him a trusted resource for those seeking lasting well-being and healing.

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