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Does AmeriBen Solutions Cover Addiction Treatment?

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    Does AmeriBen Solutions Cover Addiction Treatment?

    Seeking help for an addiction problem is a major step. For many people, it can take a long time to decide to seek help. Many individuals struggle for years trying to manage and control their substance abuse on their own. For individuals with drug or alcohol addictions, however, clinical addiction treatment programs are a must. If you are covered by AmeriBen Solutions insurance, the top question on your mind is probably how much of your addiction treatment your health insurance company will pay for. Fortunately, AmeriBen insurance offers excellent addiction treatment coverage, no matter what substance your substance use disorder revolves around.

    AmeriBen Insurance

    AmeriBen is not technically a health insurance provider. Rather, AmeriBen Solutions is a third-party administrator, or TPA. TPAs work with health insurance companies to ensure that the needs of clients and the companies they work with are met. As such, they function as intermediaries between health care insurance companies and their clients. For individuals working with AmeriBen, you are in good hands. AmeriBen is committed to ensuring that clients with substance use disorders get the treatment they need.

    Addiction Treatment with AmeriBen

    The health care insurance plans that are administered through AmeriBen all cover some degree of substance use disorder treatment. While the level of coverage will vary, it can be guaranteed that this coverage does not change with different substances. Being addicted to a particular drug does not change your eligibility for treatment. AmeriBen recognizes that addiction comes in many forms and that no matter what drug you have a problem with, the consequences are likely to be disastrous if left untreated. AmeriBen works with clients who suffer from a diverse range of addictions, including:

    • Crystal meth addiction
    • Marijuana addiction
    • Benzodiazepine addiction
    • Prescription stimulant addiction
    • Heroin addiction
    • Alcohol addiction
    • Prescription opioid addiction

    AmeriBen generally facilitates an evaluation to determine a client’s needs. The health care companies AmeriBen works with have access to a wide network of rehabs and treatment providers. If AmeriBen determines that a client needs specialized care at a rehab designed for a specific type of drug addiction, they will refer clients to such a facility.

    AmeriBen and Addiction Treatment Services

    A wide variety of addiction treatment services are available through AmeriBen. In most cases, treating a substance use disorder successfully involves making use of multiple treatment resources. A client with drug and alcohol addiction will likely have dramatically different needs when they first get sober compared to several months later. As such, AmeriBen strives to individually evaluate clients to connect them to the services that will be most effective for them at the time. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment services available through AmeriBen include:

    • Outpatient rehab
    • Medical detox centers
    • Inpatient rehab
    • Group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy
    • Psychiatric services
    • Drug screening and drug testing
    • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

    What Does AmeriBen Pay For?

    AmeriBen is not a health insurance company, so it does not pay for your treatment services directly. AmeriBen is a third-party administrator. This means that it works to ensure that clients’ needs are met with their health insurance provider. As such, AmeriBen works hard to get clients the most comprehensive coverage possible from their insurance plan. However, it is important to stipulate here that all health insurance companies offer distinct plans, and these plans vary widely in terms of the level of coverage. Nonetheless, all health insurance companies in the United States are legally obligated to provide addiction treatment coverage. The Affordable Care Act stipulates that addiction treatment services and mental health services are both “essential health benefits” that insurers must cover. No matter which company AmeriBen is working with, clients can expect to get the care they need.

    Outpatient Rehab with AmeriBen

    AmeriBen makes it easy for individuals with drug and alcohol addictions to enroll in outpatient treatment programs. Outpatient rehabs are often preferred by clients because they offer high-quality support without requiring them to live in their rehab. For this reason, outpatient rehab is ideally suited to individuals with jobs and families who require flexibility in their addiction treatment program — as well as individuals in early sobriety who are actively looking to rebuild their lives in the outside world. Due to the lack of a residency requirement, outpatient rehabs are fairly affordable, which makes them appealing to health insurance providers as well. During outpatient treatment, clients visit their rehab once or multiple times a week, depending on the severity of their addiction. During these sessions, clients have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. Group therapy is common, providing clients with an opportunity to develop new coping skills and build connections with others in recovery. Other services offered may include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and skills-building workshops. During the course of outpatient rehab, clients work to address underlying issues, develop new skills, and build a new future for themselves in sobriety. Outpatient programs are suitable for use over a long period of time. Multiple outpatient programs exist to meet the needs of clients suffering from drug or alcohol addictions at different levels of severity. In many cases, clients graduate from more acute levels of care to less acute ones as they become more stable. This allows clients to obtain long-term support, which is critical for preventing relapse. Levels of care offered by outpatient rehabs include:

    • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)
    • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
    • Outpatient programs (OPs)
    • Aftercare planning

    What Does AmeriBen Cover For Me?

    Your level of coverage for addiction treatment depends upon the health insurance company that AmeriBen is working with. It also depends upon the specific health insurance plan you are covered by. In most cases, you can get some basic questions answered about your coverage levels by calling your health insurance representative. They can also help you schedule an initial evaluation and help connect you to treatment centers that are in-network. However, in many cases, it is helpful to have an advocate working on your behalf to get you enrolled in an outpatient program right away. NuView Treatment Center is Los Angeles’ preeminent outpatient rehab, and we are in-network with most plans administered by AmeriBen. We work with a wide range of health insurance plans, and we can help arrange for you to be covered. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.

    Outpatient Treatment at NuView Treatment Center

    NuView Treatment Center is located in the Westside of Los Angeles. We are widely recognized as one of Los Angeles’ top outpatient treatment centers. Our rehab offers modern facilities, evidence-based treatment, and highly trained and compassionate staff. We aim to work with clients suffering from all types of drug and alcohol addictions — no matter the severity. Our goal is to help everyone, no matter their background, to obtain the skills, connections, confidence, and hope that they need to stay sober and live their best lives. NuView Treatment Center covers every level of care, ensuring that clients can stay in one place as they progress in their recovery journeys. Our programs include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, outpatient programs, and aftercare planning. Whether your life is in tatters or you’re looking for some extra support a few months into recovery, we have a program that meets your needs. It is our philosophy that quality addiction treatment is never one-size-fits-all. At NuView Treatment Center, our highly trained staff devise individualized treatment plans for every client. After all, each client has a unique background and distinct needs. Underlying issues can vary considerably, from financial problems to comorbid mental health disorders. Our plans take into account not only the severity of a person’s substance use disorder but other life issues that may be a factor in their substance abuse. Our person-centered and holistic approach to addiction treatment aims to help not only free themselves from addiction but live their best lives as well. If you or a loved one suffers from a drug or alcohol use disorder, help is available. Contact NuView Treatment Center today. Our outpatient programs are covered by the vast majority of plans administered through AmeriBen Solutions.

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