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Josh Tanyan, RADT

Behavioral Health Technician

Meet Josh Tanyan, a resilient soul hailing from Oklahoma with Native American heritage (Kiowa and Seminole), venturing on a noble mission to break the cycle of addiction and loss that has plagued his loved ones. His struggle with addiction began at a tender age, but through sheer determination, he found the strength to combat it and has remained sober for over two years.

Josh’s quest for recovery led him from Oklahoma to the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, where he discovered solace in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. After encountering numerous obstacles along his journey, he finally discovered a sense of belonging among like-minded individuals who taught him the significance of embracing a 12-step program and extending a helping hand to others.

As a devoted son, dependable friend, and compassionate support for those in need, Josh fully comprehends the power of forging a strong support system to overcome the challenges of addiction. His message resonates with clarity and strength: life is fleeting, and we must seize the opportunity to make a meaningful change. While the path to recovery may be intricate, it can be attained through unwavering determination, hard work, and the willingness to seek assistance.

Through his personal odyssey, Josh has learned that no matter the adversities or odds stacked against us, there is always a path to salvation if we remain resolute in our pursuit. His story is a beacon of hope, inspiring those seeking liberation from the chains of addiction to craft a brighter future brimming with hope and possibilities.

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