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Judy Schafer, CADC II

Counselor/Group Facilitator

Introducing Judy Shafer – a seasoned AOD counselor driven by a deep passion for helping individuals break free from the clutches of addiction. With an impressive track record of over 13,000 hours of counseling experience, Judy is wholeheartedly committed to providing one-on-one support that fosters self-efficacy and empowers her clients to discover their innate ability to overcome substance use.

As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Consultant (CADAC) with CCAP II credentialing and a skilled group facilitator, Judy’s expertise lies in applying evidence-based approaches like DBT, CBT, Anger Management, and Motivational Interviewing. Recognizing the intricacies of addiction, she firmly believes that no single solution fits all. Therefore, she diligently collaborates with each client to design personalized treatment plans that cater to their unique needs.

Drawing from her experience working with individuals in the prison system, Judy has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of counseling. Driven by this profound understanding, she is resolutely dedicated to guiding others to a life free from psychological and emotional dependence on drugs. If you’re ready to take that crucial first step toward recovery, Judy is here to offer her unwavering support and expertise.

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