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Monica Chavez, RAC

Director of Admissions

Monica Chavez brings over three years of personal sobriety, a passion for helping others, and a commitment to guidance and support for individuals seeking addiction treatment services as Director of Admissions.

Having experienced the challenges and overcoming addiction firsthand, Monica’s unique perspective and empathy drive her dedication to assisting others on their recovery journey. Continuously pursuing her education in addiction treatment services, she remains up-to-date on the latest practices and approaches, ensuring her clients receive the best possible care.

Monica’s work is shaped by a trauma-aware, culturally sensitive lens, allowing her to cater to the specific needs of each individual in the admissions process. As a skilled Admissions Director, she prioritizes building strong relationships with clients and their families, offering unwavering support throughout their recovery.

A firm believer in the transformative power of recovery, Monica’s mission is to help others access the resources and treatment they need to bring about lasting and meaningful change in their lives.

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