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Telehealth for Addiction Treatment

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    Telehealth for Addiction Treatment & Recovery

    NuView offers a telemedicine for addiction rehab program. Our remote addiction treatment service though video conferencing services such as skype or zoom and telephone and text-based support.

    We provide a wide range of substance abuse and mental health treatment services that can be custom-tailored based on the needs of our clients. Our private and group therapy sessions can be accessed online and can be used as a stand-alone service or can be combined with in-person treatment.

    Contact us to find out if our remote addiction treatment program would be a good fit for you.

    Why Remote Addiction Treatment?

    Our remote rehab program offers an alternative for those who require treatment for addiction but are unable or would prefer not to attend an in-person rehab.

    Remote addiction treatment removes geographic barriers and can be accessed anywhere you have access to the internet or a phone. Our remote substance abuse program offers more flexibility with scheduling and provides an added level of privacy while reducing stigma as a barrier to seeking treatment.

    How does Telemedicine for Addiction Work?

    The first step in getting started with remote addiction treatment is to schedule an addiction severity assessment. These in-depth assessments can be done over the phone or through video conferencing.

    The next step is to develop a personalized treatment plan. Treatment plans are customized to suit the unique needs of each client and help guide treatment.

    Once a treatment plan is developed, we work with you to schedule treatment sessions based on services requires. The number of sessions scheduled per week depends on addiction severity and how much support is needed.

    Who Can Receive Remote Treatment?

    Our remote treatment services are available to anyone in the US. Remote addiction treatment through video conferencing provides substance abuse and mental health therapy to those in areas where services are limited or for those who are unable or not wanting to attend in-person treatment.

    Remote substance abuse treatment provides a convenient option for those working full-time, students, or those with family obligations that make it challenging to attend in-person therapy. Remote treatment also helps to provide services for those in remote areas or where addiction treatment programs are limited.

    What Does Remote Addiction Treatment Offer?

    Our remote addiction treatment program offers most of the same therapies available to those who attend our in-person outpatient treatment program. In addition to private one on one therapy sessions, we also provide group session.

    Private Therapy

    • In-depth addiction severity assessments
    • Remote private one on one therapy sessions
    • CBT Therapy sessions
    • Progress tracking

    Group Therapy

    • Drug and alcohol education groups
    • Relapse prevention groups
    • Self-care groups
    • Life skills development

    Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Conditions

    In addition to remote substance abuse services, we also offer support for those with dual-diagnosis conditions. Our remote therapy can be tailored to treat those with co-occurring mental health issues, including:

    How Long Does Remote Addiction Treatment Last?

    Our remote rehab program follows a similar timeline as an in-person program that typically lasts 30 days and consists of treatment sessions three days per week. Remote treatment programs offer more flexibility and can be adjusted based on each client’s needs. Sessions can are scheduled more frequently at the beginning of treatment and transition into more periodic scheduling once someone is further along in their recovery process.

    Remote Addiction Treatment By NuView Treatment Center

    Early intervention increases the rate of success for those with substance abuse disorders. If you or a loved one needs remote treatment services for drug or alcohol abuse, we can help.

    Contact us for a Free, No-Obligation, 100% confidential consultations to determine if remote addiction treatment is right for you.

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    Realizing you need help with your addiction can feel overwhelming, but that’s why you have us here to support you every step of the way. We are here every day and committed to your recovery. We’re in this together.

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