What Makes NuView A Great Rehab Center

It’s About You -Personalized Treatment

Our program offers plenty of personal support. Work one on one with our team of dedicated professionals to uncover what lies at the root of your struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Our team of specialists will help create a highly personalized treatment program designed specifically for your mental, physical, and emotional uniqueness. Learn what makes us a great rehab center in Los Angeles.

Welcoming and Supportive Recovery

Our program is based on compassion and understanding. We remove the stigma and anxiety attached to addiction by creating a safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment that promotes personal expression, healing, and growth.

Limited Group Size

Our program limits the number of clients per group to offer the most personal attention possible. In addition to smaller group sizes out outpatient program offer plenty of one on one therapy session in a private setting. Our program is focused on the individual and we are happy to be able to provide plenty of personal attention to each client.

Holistic Outpatient Treatment

We offer Holistic treatment that combines advanced science with simple, yet effective natural, drug-free therapies to help restore the health of the mind, body, and soul. Our program combines effective conventional psychotherapy with complementary therapies such as yoga, art therapy, and breathwork to provide whole-person healing and wellness.

Family Forward

We are committed to not only supporting our clients but the family as a whole. We believe that a healthy family dynamic is vital to recovery. Our program is designed to include, educate, and empower families so that they can provide a positive source of support for their recovering family members allowing them the opportunity to heal and grow together as a whole.

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