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Los Angeles IOP Drug Rehab for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

What is the admissions process for drug and alcohol rehab at NuView Treatment Center?

When you decide it’s time to seek treatment, you are taking a courageous step towards a better future. We understand that making the decision to enter into a treatment program can create feelings of anxiety and apprehension which is why we are here to help guide you each step of the way.

At NuView, we understand the sensitive nature of the addiction treatment process, which is why we’re available to help make the process feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Find out if your insurance plan will cover your treatment.

We Accept Most Private Insurance Policies.

At NuView Treatment Center, we believe that finances should never be an impediment to getting the help you need. NuView Treatment Center has active relationships with most major insurance companies. We accept most PPO insurance policies, and we work with many policies not even listed here.

We recognize that determining your insurance coverage can be confusing. Fill out the insurance verification form, and we can do the heavy lifting for you.

Begin the Rehab Admissions Process at NuView Treatment Center

For those seeking help for substance abuse or mental health conditions, the process begins by contacting us. We will answer any of your questions and get you started.

Our caring and compassionate staff are ready to help you start your path to recovery. We respect your privacy and any information shared with us is private and 100% confidential.

Reach out to us today and take the first step in your lifelong path of recovery by calling (323) 307-7997 or contact us here.

Admissions Process at NuView Treatment Center Drug Rehab Los Angeles

What to Expect When You Begin the Admissions Process at NuView

If you or a loved one is considering addiction treatment at NuView the first step is to set up an initial call to discuss treatment options and to find out if our program is right for you. Your initial conversation is private and confidential and is at no cost to you

Our admissions coordinator will be able to provide you with information regarding our program and answer any questions you may have about the treatment process. You will receive information and recommendations regarding the treatment options that will best suit you. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to offer suggestions and information that will help you make an informed decision about choices available to you.

What to Have Ready When Calling Us

To best be able to help you, please have the following information ready to provide to our admissions staff:

  • Current substance abuse or mental health issues
  • Substance abuse history
  • Mental health history
  • Treatment history
  • Medical History
  • Insurance information

Addiction Assessment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction at NuView

The first step to begging treatment involves an in-depth assessment that examines addiction severity and screens for co-occurring mental health conditions. Assessments help to uncover root level issues that contribute to addiction and the first step in creating a personalized treatment plan. Addiction is a complex disorder, and there are many personal factors to consider. Assessments help custom tailor treatment for the unique needs of each individual.

Recovery is Possible. We Can Help.

Our caring and compassionate staff are here to help you get started on the path to recovery. Entering into treatment can be a monumental decision that can be life-changing. We are here to help guide you through the treatment process. Contact us if you’d like to find out how you can get started.