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Does Quartz Health Solutions Cover Addiction Treatment?

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    Does Quartz Health Solutions Cover Addiction Treatment?

    Substance use disorders are chronic conditions that negatively impact the individuals who suffer from them as well as their families and loved ones. Left untreated, drug and alcohol use disorders become progressively more severe. Fortunately, clinical addiction treatment programs can help people recover from addiction and support them as they build better lives for themselves. No matter how severe a person’s addiction has become, recovery is possible.

    Individuals who have insurance plans with Quartz Health Solutions have access to a vast network of rehabs and treatment providers. Quartz Health Solutions’ plans provide extensive coverage for addiction treatment. This means that financial considerations should never stop someone from getting the help they need.

    Quartz Health Solutions

    Quartz Health Solutions is an insurance company that is affiliated with the UW Health University Hospital. As such, it has access to all of the resources of a major university medical center. The company is operated in partnership with Gundersen Health System and UnityPoint Health. These business partnerships ensure that policyholders who are insured through Quartz Health Solutions have access to an extensive network of treatment providers.

    Addictions Covered Through Quartz Health Solutions

    All plans through Quartz Health Solutions provide coverage for addiction treatment. Regardless of what substance a person is addicted to, Quartz offers behavioral health services and drug treatment services. These benefits are offered through their Behavioral Health Care Management team. Addictions covered by Quartz Health Solutions include:

    • Heroin addiction
    • Alcohol addiction
    • Prescription opioid addiction
    • Benzodiazepine addiction
    • Prescription stimulant addiction
    • Crystal meth addiction
    • Marijuana addiction

    Treatments Available Through Quartz Health Solutions

    Quartz Health Solutions recognizes that addiction treatment is generally a long-term and multifaceted process. Individuals who are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction generally have different needs at different stages of the recovery process.  As such, Quartz Health Solutions offers a wide range of treatment services to members. While all plans are different, in general people who are covered by Quartz can expect to have access to the following resources:

    • Outpatient rehab
    • Inpatient rehab
    • Individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy
    • Medication management
    • Psychiatric services
    • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), including methadone and Suboxone
    • Opioid overdose reversal medications (naloxone)

    Coverage Levels with Quartz Health Solutions

    Quartz Health Solutions offers a wide range of health insurance plans to meet members’ needs. These include employer-sponsored plans, individuals and family plan options, medicare plans, and Medicaid plans. All of these plans provide coverage for addiction treatment, though the extent of coverage varies from plan to plan. More comprehensive plans tend to offer coverage for longer periods of time, and they may also be more likely to include coverage for a wider range of addiction treatment services.

    How Much Will Treatment Cost?

    Addiction treatment costs money. Fortunately, any health plan with Quartz Health Solutions will cover the majority of expenses. In some cases, all of the expenses will be covered. Most of the time, however, policyholders are expected to pay certain out-of-pocket fees. These fees are likely to be lower for individuals with more comprehensive plans, though these plans often have higher monthly premiums.

    When beginning addiction treatment, the three main out-of-pocket expenses that clients are likely to pay are deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Deductibles are set amounts of money, specified by the specific insurance plan, that a client is responsible for covering on their own before their insurance plan will kick in. Copays and coinsurance fees are fees that clients pay when they see a treatment provider or enroll in rehab. Copays are flat fees, while coinsurance fees are based on a percentage of the cost of a treatment service. These fees generally only represent a small fraction of the total cost of addiction treatment.

    The best way to limit costs is to enroll in a rehab that is in Quartz Health Solutions’ network of treatment providers. All plans with Quartz feature a network of approved providers. While some plans offer coverage for out-of-network providers to some extent, this coverage is generally minimal. Staying with an in-network rehab, such as NuView Treatment Center, also ensures that the facility has met Quartz’s quality standards.

    Outpatient Rehab with Quartz Health Solutions

    Quartz Health Solutions provides particularly extensive coverage for outpatient treatment centers. Outpatient treatment centers offer effective evidence-based care for individuals with drug addictions, alcohol addictions, and mental health disorders. Unlike inpatient treatment centers, outpatient rehabs have no residency requirements. Clients are free to live at home with their social support systems — either alone, with family members, or at a sober living home. Since insurance companies are paying for treatment, and not for lodging, these programs are considerably more affordable, which means it is far more likely that clients will be covered for long-term treatment.

    Outpatient rehabs utilize a range of treatment modalities and therapeutic methods to help clients recover from drug and alcohol addictions. These methods include group therapy, medication-assisted treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, addiction education, and skills training. While attending an outpatient rehab, clients work to address underlying issues that may be motivating their substance abuse. At the same time, they work each day to develop a set of coping tools and skills that can help them face potential triggers.

    Outpatient rehabs offer many distinct programs for different severities of addiction. These levels of care are designed to meet the needs of clients at different stages of their recovery journeys. More acute programs are likely to meet most days of the week, often for several hours, and they also provide more hands-on guidance so that clients can have their functionality restored. Less acute programs are more flexible, often meeting once a week only, ensuring that clients have continued support as they begin to lead their own lives.

    Levels of outpatient care that Quartz Health Solutions covers include:

    • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)
    • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
    • Outpatient programs (OPs)
    • Aftercare planning

    Quartz Health Solutions is committed to supporting members as they progress through multiple levels of care. Rehabs that offer all levels of care, such as NuView Treatment Center, offer a one-stop-shop for an entire treatment journey. Research shows that the longer a person remains involved in a clinical addiction treatment program, the lower their likelihood of relapse is. For this reason, it is in Quartz’s best interest to provide long-term benefits.

    Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at NuView Treatment Center

    NuView Treatment Center is an outpatient rehab located in West Los Angeles that is covered by the vast majority of Quartz Health Solutions plans. Clients who are covered by Quartz Health Solutions can enroll in any of our levels of care. Our modern facility, highly trained staff, and evidence-based therapies are designed to help individuals whose lives have been devastated by addiction achieve lasting sobriety.

    Our staff members believe that compassion is a critical aspect of addiction treatment. At NuView Treatment Center, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Anyone who walks in our doors can expect to receive an individualized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs. Clients work each day to build new lives for themselves while developing strong coping skills and addressing underlying issues.

    If you are covered by Quartz Health Solutions and you are ready to begin your recovery journey, contact us today.

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