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NuView Treatment Center Scholarship Opportunity

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NuView Treatment Center is offering a $1000 scholarship to college students who are willing to write a story about how addiction has affected their life. We are interested in your story. If you have recovered from a substance use disorder or if a loved one’s addiction has affected your life, your story is valuable. Check all the details of NuView Treatment Center Scholarship Opportunity below.

College is a difficult time for everyone, but it can be especially challenging for individuals who have a substance abuse problem. Many students in college don’t even recognize that their behavior even counts as substance abuse. For instance, even though binge drinking is the most dangerous way to drink, but because it is so common on college campuses, most people simply shrug away the consequences. Some young people with addictions even operate under the misconception that they are “too young” to have an addiction. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

How To Get A Rehab Scholarship?

Addiction is a treatable mental health condition, and it is far easier to treat in the early stages while a person is still young. However, far too many college students wait until it is too late.

For this reason, NuView Treatment Center aims to support young people who are taking the steps necessary to face addiction in their lives with our rehab scholarship programs. Whether you attended our treatment program or not, we want to lend a helping hand.

Your story can be about addiction in any form. Whether you were addicted to opioids, alcohol, stimulants, or whatever was around, telling your story is important. We want to know what your active addiction was like, what happened to initiate your recovery, and what your life is like now. What kinds of challenges did you face recovering from your substance use disorder, and what challenges do you face now in sobriety? We want to know.

Our scholarship is also open to people who have been indirectly affected by addiction. If someone in your life suffers or suffered from a substance use disorder, you have surely been impacted. Loving a person who continually inflicts damage upon themselves can be very painful. How were you able to cope with having a friend or family member with addiction? How did it affect your own life? And what did you learn from the experience? We want to know.

At NuView Treatment Center, we believe that recovering from an addiction requires holistic and comprehensive treatment. The vast majority of substance use disorders involve our most important relationships, underlying mental health conditions, and countless other factors. That is why in our outpatient treatment programs we help people recover by looking at their whole story. Recovering from an addiction involves far more than just physically staying away from drugs; it means picking up the pieces of our lives and taking steps toward a new way of life. Education is an important building block for that process.

Please submit your stories by September 30, 2021. NuView Treatment Center will select a student who deserves and needs a scholarship by December 15, 2021. Send your 500-1000 word stories to scholarship@nuviewtreatment.com.

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