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About NuView Treatment Center Drug Addiction Treatment Los Angeles, CA

A busy work, school, or family life shouldn’t be an impediment to recovery. With our Evening Intensive Outpatient Program, anyone can engage in recovery.

Why Enroll in Evening IOP Treatment?

Intensive outpatient programs, often known as IOPs, are rehab programs that provide a high level of care without requiring clients to live on-site. Los Angeles is home to many high-quality programs that offer excellent clinical support, including NuView’s own traditional intensive outpatient programs Los Angeles. These programs aim to help people who are recovering from substance use disorders develop new coping strategies and get their lives on track. Doing so is critical to avoiding relapse and, just as importantly, learning how to live a happy and fulfilling life without the crutch of drugs and alcohol.

However, professionals with demanding jobs, students with large class loads, and individuals with families often find themselves at an impasse when it comes to beginning treatment. IOPs are often necessary, but not everyone can afford to drop everything in order to pursue recovery. In fact, ideally, recovery complements and improves a person’s life – rather than disrupting it. NuView Treatment Center’s Evening IOP is designed to meet the needs of people with full lives, so they can get the same benefits of our IOP program but with greater scheduling flexibility.

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What Happens During Evening IOP?

Evening IOPs, like traditional IOPs, represent the highest level of care among outpatient programs. Clients meet on a regular basis to work on the challenges they’re facing in early sobriety. Clinicians aim to foster a supportive and compassionate environment where clients can open up and get vulnerable with each other. Staff members also work to devise individualized treatment plans for each client. All clients can expect to engage in a combination of group therapy and one-on-one counseling.

Treatment plans may also incorporate a wide variety of evidence-based practices, such as:

Group therapy forms the backbone of most treatment plans. In these sessions, clients have the opportunity to develop relationships with each other. Working together, they can reach important insights, receive and give constructive feedback, and understand that they are not alone. Working with others is paramount to the recovery process.

Clients also work with a one-on-one therapist. Individual counseling is helpful for tackling tricky or sensitive issues that require more nuanced care and insight. A therapist can also serve as a client’s advocate, helping them connect to other services, such as medical professionals, psychiatrists, or other specialists as needed.

During the course of treatment, clients develop stronger coping skills for avoiding relapse. They also work on problem areas in their lives, such as conflict management, intimacy issue, communication, and dealing with trauma and grief. After years of substance abuse, people often have a great deal of wreckage that needs to be repaired. It is common for people to face considerable interpersonal, financial, and career difficulties. At the NuView Treatment Center Evening IOP, people in recovery can tackle every aspect of their lives – without putting their lives on hold.

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When Does NuView Evening IOP Meet?

Our Evening IOP meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6PM to 9PM. This manageable schedule allows plenty of time for professionals with traditional 9-5 jobs to get to our treatment center.

Meeting three days a week, clients can expect to work on a number of critical areas:

Our compassionate and highly trained clinicians have diverse backgrounds, with specialties ranging from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to family systems therapy.

What Are The Benefits of Evening IOPs?

NuView Treatment Center’s Evening IOP is perfect for individuals who aim to maintain their daily routines while pursuing recovery. The reasons for this are diverse. Some may simply find themselves in jobs from which they are unable to take a leave of absence. College students, on the other hand, often have unpredictable and demanding schedules. Other obligations, such as families and children, can make it difficult to attend rehab during the day.

Evening IOPs provide an intensive level of care without the structured environment of a residential program. Not everyone needs to live in rehab and drop everything in order to pursue recovery. It is possible to establish a foundation for ongoing recovery while continuing to live one’s life. In fact, an Evening IOP can make it easier to fulfill one’s responsibilities and lead a busy life – because it offers critical support and teaches new coping skills.

Some of the many benefits of an Evening IOP Rehab include:

Strong Support System

Since evening programs don’t involve moving, it is far easier to stay in touch with family and friends. These connections can actually be vital for ongoing sobriety.

Continue Going to Work and School

You do not have to put your life on hold to begin an evening IOP program. NuView Treatment Center’s flexible IOP programs allow clients to thrive in their academic and professional lives while pursuing recovery simultaneously.

Comparable to Traditional IOPs

Evening IOPs offer the same evidence-based treatment modalities as traditional IOPs. Because they meet somewhat less frequently, however, they are sometimes offered at a lower cost. This means that clients can get the same level of care with more flexibility and without putting as big a dent in their pocketbooks.

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